Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.2:R 24 Recidivism rates for drug court graduates nationally based estimates 1
J 28.2:R 24/2 Evaluating the effects of realignment practices on recidivism outcomes 1
J 28.2:R 24/3 Recruitment, assessment, and retention in the direct care workforce for individuals with criminal records : a comprehensive model approach 1
J 28.2:R 24/4 The NIJ recidivism forecasting challenge : contextualizing the results 1
J 28.2:R 31/8 The Second Responders Program a coordinated police and social service response to domestice violence 1
J 28.2:R 31/9 Restrictive housing in the U.S. : issues, challenges, and future directions 1
J 28.2:R 49 Multi-method study on risk assessment implementation and youth outcomes in the juvenile justice system 1
J 28.2:SA 1/2 How to encourage a culture of officer safety : what works and what matters in policing : the safety and wellness edition 1
J 28.2:SCH 6/2 Development of a standard model for school climate and safety assessment : final report 1
J 28.2:SCH 6/3 School safety : by the numbers 1
J 28.2:SCH 6/5 How prepared are schools? : NIJ school safety research spotlight 1
J 28.2:SCH 6/6 Five things about school-based violence prevention and intervention programs 1
J 28.2:SE 3 Lessons learned from the Second Chance Act : moving forward to strengthen offender reentry 1
J 28.2:SE 5/3 Paving the way : lessons learned in sentinel event reviews 1
J 28.2:SE 9 An evidence-based review of sexual assault preventive intervention programs technical report 1
J 28.2:SE 9/2 Testing the efficacy of SANE/SART programs do they make a difference in sexual assault arrest & prosecution outcomes? 1
J 28.2:SE 9/3 Summary of research questions identified through the sexual assault medical forensic examination research forum, March 28-29, 2012, Washington, D.C. 1
J 28.2:SE 9/4/AU 2 Performing an audit of sexual assault evidence in police custody 1
J 28.2:SE 9/4/T 28 Notifying sexual assault victims after testing evidence 1
J 28.2:SE 9/4/T 28/2 Creating a plan to test a large number of sexual assault kits 1