Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.2:P 75/13 Police body armor: consumer product list 1
J 28.2:P 75/14 Community policing in Chicago : year two 1
J 28.2:P 75/15 Community policing strategies 1
J 28.2:P 75/17 Police response to gangs a multi-state study 1
J 28.2:P 75/18 Police use of domestic violence information systems final report 1
J 28.2:P 76 The value of polygraph testing in sex offender management research report submitted to the National Institute of Justice 1
J 28.2:P 76/2 Police officer crimes and police integrity 1
J 28.2:P 76/3 Policing research : if you can't find it, do it 1
J 28.2:P 88 Satisfaction with police : what matters?
Satisfaction with police what matters?
J 28.2:P 88/2 Perspectives on research and evidence-based policing : articles from NIJ's lead scholars 1
J 28.2:P 93/4 The effect of prison crowding on inmate behavior 1
J 28.2:P 93/8 The private sector involvement in prison-based business : a national assessment 1
J 28.2:P 93/9 National Conference on Prison Industries : discussions and recommendations 1
J 28.2:P 94/5 Police-prosecutor coordination : the key to effective prosecution 1
J 28.2:P 94/11 Protective Order Enforcement Team (POET) evaluation final report 1
J 28.2:P 94/12 Prosecution strategies in domestic violence felonies telling the story of domestic violence : executive summary 1
J 28.2:P 94/13 Prosecution strategies in domestic violence felonies anticipating and meeting defense claims : final report 1
J 28.2:P 94/14 Protect, heal, thrive : lessons learned from the Defending Childhood Demonstration Program 1
J 28.2:P 94/15 Analysis of prosecutorial outcomes for San Francisco Police Department prostitution and/or human trafficking incident reports 1
J 28.2:P 95 Monitoring changes in the novel psychoactive substance (NPS) market through enhanced identification of emerging drugs and their metabolites in biological samples 1