Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.2:M 31/2 Upgrading the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System : introducing NamUs 2.0. 1
J 28.2:M 32 Mapping crime : principle and practice 1
J 28.2:M 52 Mending justice : sentinel event reviews 1
J 28.2:M 56 Wyoming methamphetamine treatment initiative, October 1998 Washington D.C. 1
J 28.2:M 56/2 Measuring the criminal justice system impacts of the increased presence of methamphetamine in the Bakken oil formation 1
J 28.2:M 58 National Institute of Justice in short : thirty percent of migrant laborers in San Diego experience trafficking violations 1
J 28.2:M 58/2 Final report : effects of a middle school social-emotional learning program on bullying, teen dating violence, sexual violence, and substance use in high school 1
J 28.2:M 69 A descriptive analysis of missing and murdered Native women and children in Nebraska : barriers to reporting and investigation, and recommendations for improving access to justice 1
J 28.2:M 72 Predictive modeling combining short and long-term crime risk potential : final report 1
J 28.2:M 87 MS-13 in the Americas : how the world's most notorious gang defies logic, resists destruction 1
J 28.2:N 28 Report to Congress : needs assessment of forensic laboratories and medical examiner/coroner offices 1
J 28.2:OF 2 Making the offender foot the bill : a Texas program 1
J 28.2:OF 2/2 Research on offender decision-making utilizing geo-narratives : final report 1
J 28.2:OP 3 Opioid crisis : NIJ resources for first responders 1
J 28.2:OR 3 An empirical analysis of the intersection of organized crime and human trafficking in the United States 1
J 28.2:P 25 An intervention to improve documentation of intimate partner violence in medical records 1
J 28.2:P 41 Measuring public perceptions of appropriate prison sentences executive summary 1
J 28.2:P 75 School policing programs : where we have been and where we need to go next 1
J 28.2:P 75/13 Police body armor: consumer product list 1
J 28.2:P 75/14 Community policing in Chicago : year two 1