Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.24:P 95 Psychoactive substances and violence 1
J 28.24:P 96 Public Law 280 and law enforcement in Indian country research priorities 1
J 28.24:R 31 NIJ awards in research and development and evaluation : fiscal year 1991 1
J 28.24:R 31/2 Resolution of prison riots 1
J 28.24:R 31/3 NIJ research portfolio 1
J 28.24:Se 2 Private security : patterns and trends 1
J 28.24:Se 5 Sentencing guidelines : their effect in Minnesota 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.1 The fragmentation of sentencing and corrections in America 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.2 Reconsidering indeterminate and structured sentencing 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/No.2 Reconsidering indeterminate and structured sentencing 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.3 Incorporating restorative and community justice into American sentencing and corrections 2
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.4 Reforming sentencing and corrections for just punishment and public safety 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.5 "Technocorrections", the promises, the uncertain threats 2
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.6 The rebirth of rehabilitation : promise and perils of drug courts 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.7 But they all come back : rethinking prisoner reentry 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.8 Correcting corrections : Missouri's parallel universe 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.9 When prisoners return to the community : political, economic, and social consequences 1
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.10 Sentencing guidelines : reflections on the future 1
J 28.24:SE 9 Sex offender community notification : assessing the impact in Wisconsin 1
J 28.24:SP 6 Update on NIJ-sponsored research : six new reports 1