Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.24:L 44 State laws on prosecutors' and judges' use of juvenile records 1
J 28.24:M 33 The rise of marijuana as the drug of choice among youthful adult arrestees 1
J 28.24:M 56 Methamphetamine use among arrestees : findings from the Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) program 1
J 28.24:M 56/2 Methamphetamine use among adult arrestees : findings from the Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) program 1
J 28.24:M 56/3 Drugs in the heartland : methamphetamine use in rural Nebraska 1
J 28.24:M 74 International money laundering : research and investigation join forces 1
J 28.24:M 74/2 State and local money laundering control strategies 1
J 28.24:P 39 Evaluation of pepper spray 2
J 28.24:P 39/2 Pepper spray's effects on a suspect's ability to breathe 1
J 28.24:P 41 Implementing performance-based measures in community corrections 1
J 28.24:P 75 Problem-oriented policing 1
J 28.24:P 75/2 The police, drugs, and public housing 1
J 28.24:P 75/3 Community policing in Seattle : a model partnership between citizens and police 1
J 28.24:P 75/4 Toward the paperless police department : the use of laptop computers 1
J 28.24:P 75/5 The new policing : confronting complexity 1
J 28.24:P 75/6 Controlling police use of excessive force : the role of the police psychologist 1
J 28.24:P 75/7 Police pursuit : policies and training 1
J 28.24:P 75/8 Police overtime : an examination of key issues 1
J 28.24:P 75/9 The measurement of police integrity 1
J 28.24:P 75/10 Police attitudes toward abuse of authority : findings from a national study 1