Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.24:C 86/10 Crime, grime, fear, and decline : a longitudinal look 1
J 28.24:C 86/11 Crime in the schools : reducing conflict with student problem solving 1
J 28.24:D 34 Line-of-duty deaths : survivor and departmental responses 1
J 28.24:D 37 Toward safe and orderly schools the national study of delinquency prevention in schools 1
J 28.24:D 63 Danger to police in domestic disturbances : a new look 1
J 28.24:D 84/2 Probing the links between drugs and crime 1
J 28.24:D 84/4 Employee drug testing policies in police departments 1
J 28.24:D 84/5 Pretrial drug testing 1
J 28.24:D 84/6 Expedited drug case management programs : issues for program development 1
J 28.24:D 84/7 The effect of drug testing in New Orleans 1
J 28.24:D 84/9 Drug control task forces : creating and implementing a multijurisdictional unit 1
J 28.24:D 84/10 Developing drug testing by hair analysis 1
J 28.24:D 84/11 Do drugs, do time : an evaluation of the Maricopa County Demand Reduction Program 1
J 28.24:D 84/12 Drug-abusing women offenders : results of a national survey 1
J 28.24:D 84/13 "Boot camp" drug treatment and aftercare interventions : an evaluation review 1
J 28.24:D 84/14 Controlling drug and disorder problems : Oakland's Beat Health Program 1
J 28.24:EF 4 Efficiency, timeliness, and quality : a new perspective from nine state criminal trial courts 1
J 28.24:EL 2 Results from an elder abuse prevention experiment in New York City 1
J 28.24:EN 2 State and local law enforcement needs to combat electronic crime 1
J 28.24:Ev 1 NIJ evaluates drug control projects 1