Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.24/3:P 27 Evaluating patrol officer performance under community policing : the Houston experience : a final summary report presented to the National Institute of Justice 1
J 28.24/3:P 31 Keeping the peace : the parameters of police discretion in relation to the mentally disordered 1
J 28.24/3:P 56 Physical environment and crime 1
J 28.24/3:P 69 Identifying plant food cells in gastric contents for use in forensic investigations : a laboratory manual 1
J 28.24/3:P 75 Improving the use of management by objectives in police departments 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/2 Improving the use of quality circles in police departments 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/4 Community policing in Madison : quality from the inside out : an evaluation of implementation impact 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/5 The role of police psychology in controlling excessive force 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/6 Crime and policing in rural and small-town America : an overview of the issues 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/7 Policing in emerging democracies : workshop papers and highlights : Washington, D.C., December 14-15, 1995 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/8 Systematic observation of public police : applying field research methods to policy issues 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/9 "Broken windows" and police discretion 1
J 28.24/3:P 75/10 Use of force by police : overview of national and local data 2
J 28.24/3:P 75/11/DRAFT Assessing police use of force policy and outcomes 1
J 28.24/3:P 76/2 The new structure of policing : description, conceptualization and research agenda 1
J 28.24/3:P 83/1998 NIJ research portfolio 1
J 28.24/3:P 93 Guidelines for developing, implementing and revising an objective prison classification system 1
J 28.24/3:P 93/2 What price justice? : a handbook for the analysis of criminal justice costs 1
J 28.24/3:P 94 Project to develop a model anti-stalking code for states 1
J 28.24/3:P 94/2/2000 Protective intelligence and threat assessment investigations : a guide for state and local law enforcement officials 2