Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.24/3:D 71/2/ Domestic violence, stalking, and antistalking legislation an annual report to Congress under the Violence Against Women Act 1
J 28.24/3:D 84 State strategic planning under the Drug Formula Grant Program 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/2 Guidelines for State monitoring under the Drug Control Formula Grant Program 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/3 Drugs and crime in public housing : a three-city analysis 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/4 Drug control strategies in San Diego: impact on the offender 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/5 The effectiveness of treatment for drug abusers under criminal justice supervision 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/7 Evaluation of drug treatment in local corrections 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/8 Case management reduces drug use and criminality among drug-involved arrestees : an experimental study of an HIV prevention intervention 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/9 Comparing drug use rates of detained arrestees in the United States and England 1
J 28.24/3:D 84/10 Breaking the juvenile drug-crime cycle : a guide for practitioners and policymakers 1
J 28.24/3:EL 2 Electronic crime needs assessment for state and local law enforcement 1
J 28.24/3:EX 7 A guide for explosion and bombing scene investigation 1
J 28.24/3:EY 3 Eyewitness evidence : a guide for law enforcement 1
J 28.24/3:F 21 A coordinated approach to reducing family violence : conference highlights 1
J 28.24/3:F 45 Field training for police officers : the state of the art 1
J 28.24/3:F 76 Forensic laboratories : handbook for facility planning, design, construction, and moving 1
J 28.24/3:G 95 Reducing gun violence : the Boston gun project's operation ceasefire 1
J 28.24/3:G 95/2 Reducing gun violence : evaluation of the Indianapolis Police Department's directed patrol project 1
J 28.24/3:G 95/3 Reducing gun violence : The St. Louis Consent-to-Search Program 1
J 28.24/3:G 95/4 Reducing gun violence : Operation Ceasefire in Los Angeles 1