Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 28.15/2-2:P 94 Prosecutors' national assessment of needs 1
J 28.15/2-2:P 94/2 Priority prosecution of high-rate dangerous offenders 1
J 28.15/2-2:P 94/3 NIJ programs & services 1
J 28.15/2-2:P 96 National Institute of Justice publications, 1984-1988 1
J 28.15/2-2:R 15 Randomized field experiments in criminal justice agencies 1
J 28.15/2-2:R 32 Revictimization, reducing the heat on hot victims 1
J 28.15/2-2:Se 5 Alternative sentencing : selling it to the public 1
J 28.15/2-2:SE 5/2/997 Key legislative issues in criminal justice : mandatory sentencing 1
J 28.15/2-2:SE 5/3 Key legislative issues in criminal justice : the impact of sentencing guidelines 1
J 28.15/2-2:SE 9 Sex offender community notification 1
J 28.15/2-2:Sh 7 Shock incarceration programs in state correctional jurisdictions-- an update 1
J 28.15/2-2:T 41 Threat assessment : an approach to prevent targeted violence 1
J 28.15/2-2:T 79 Controlling tuberculosis in community corrections 1
J 28.15/2-2:Ur 3 A comparison of urinalysis technologies for drug testing in criminal justice 1
J 28.15/2-2:V 66 Establishing and expanding victim-witness assistance programs 1
J 28.15/2-2:V 66/2 Victim assistance programs report increased workloads 1
J 28.15/2-2:V 81 Reducing violent crimes and intentional injuries 1
J 28.15/2-2:W 21 Wardens and state corrections commissioners offer their views in national assesment 1
J 28.15/2-2:W 78 Victim and witness intimidation : new developments and emerging responses 1
J 28.15/2-3: Annual report on drug use among adult and juvenile arrestees 1