Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 26.2:C 73/12 Overcoming obstacles to community courts : a summary of workshop proceedings 1
J 26.2:C 74 Use common sense to spot a con 1
J 26.2:C 76 Advancing fairness and transparency : national guidelines for post-conviction risk and needs assessment 1
J 26.2:C 81/5 The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act [WIOA] : what corrections and reentry agencies need to know 1
J 26.2:C 83/4 Courts strategic research plan 2020-2024 1
J 26.2:C 86/11 Criminal justice planning in the governing process : a review of nine states : report of a panel of the National Academy of Public Administration 1
J 26.2:C 86/14 Reducing crime : one community at a time 1
J 26.2:C 88 Crossing the bridge : tribal-state-local collaboration 1
J 26.2:D 37 Delinquency prevention, theories and strategies : prepared for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, U. S. Department of Justice 1
J 26.2:D 63/3 FY 1996 Discretionary Grant Program Plan 1
J 26.2:D 63/4/996 Discretionary grant program awards 1
J 26.2:D 63/4/997 Discretionary grant program awards 1
J 26.2:D 63/994 FY ... discretionary program plan 1
J 26.2:D 84/2 An Introduction to DARE : Drug Abuse Resistance Education 1
J 26.2:D 84/3 Talking with your kids about drugs 1
J 26.2:D 84/4 Defining drug courts : the key components 1
J 26.2:D 84/5 An evaluation of prescription drug monitoring programs 1
J 26.2:D 84/6 Drug Courts 1
J 26.2:D 84/7 Drug treatment courts 1
J 26.2:EM 3 A framework for improving cross-sector coordination for emergency preparedness and response action steps for public health, law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections 1