Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 24.2:D 84/989 Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:D 84/996 Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:D 84/997 Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:D 84/2003 Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:D 84/2005 Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:Ex 3 Exercise and diet programs while traveling 1
J 24.2:F 35 Fentanyl : a briefing guide for first responders
What every parent and caregiver needs to know about fake pills
J 24.2:F 74/987 A Career in forensic chemistry 1
J 24.2:H 27/2 Liquid hashish 1
J 24.2:H 43 Black tar heroin in the United States 1
J 24.2:H 43/2 Heroin 1
J 24.2:H 99/2 Hydrocodone : (Trade Names: Vicodin®, Lortab®, Lorcet-HD®, Hycodan®, Vicoprofen®) 1
J 24.2:IN 8 Intelligence collection and analytical methods 1
J 24.2:In 8/2 Intelligence analysis and research 1
J 24.2:In 8/3 Drug Enforcement Administration : investigative/planning coordination with A. U.S.A., focusing on asset removals 1
J 24.2:L 41 Committee report on CSA laws : presented at the 2nd National Conference on the Control and Diversion of Controlled Substances 1
J 24.2:M 33/4 What the practicing physician should know about marijuana 1
J 24.2:M 33/5 What you should know about marijuana concentrates : also known as THC extractions 1
J 24.2:M 33/6 Preventing marijuana use among youths & young adults 1
J 24.2:M 33/6/SPAN. Prevenir el uso de marihuana entre adolescentes y adultos jóvenes 1