Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 24.2:C 76/2/987 CSA drug activities since October 27, 1970 1
J 24.2:C 76/5 Proceedings of Controlled Substance Analog Leadership Conference 1
J 24.2:C 76/6 Middle East Drug and Chemical Diversion Control Conference : conference report : report 1
J 24.2:C 76/7 Conference report 1
J 24.2:C 83/2 Counterfeit pills fact sheet : fake prescription pills, widely available, increasingly lethal 1
J 24.2:D 32/3/fact sh. DAWN : Drug Abuse Warning Network : fact sheet 1
J 24.2:D 39 DEA's demand reduction program : what it is, what it does 1
J 24.2:D 63 How to properly dispose of your unused medicines 1
J 24.2:D 64/2 Diversion investigator : Drug Enforcement Administration 1
J 24.2:D 64/3 Diversion investigator 1
J 24.2:D 65/ Cases against doctors 1
J 24.2:D 84/ Drugs of abuse 1
J 24.2:D 84/17 Drug Enforcement Administration. 'We, the people,' need to work for drug-free land / Robert W. Genzman and Elizabeth S. McConnell. Self-esteem, personal and social responsibility / by Andrew M. Mecca. Prevention 2000--a public/private partnership / edited by Andrew M. Mecca. Community organizing principles for local prevention of alcohol and drug abuse / Robin Wechsler. Do drugs, do time. The Miami Coalition for a Drug-Free Community 1
J 24.2:D 84/18 It never went away : LSD, a sixties drug, attracts young users in the nineties 1
J 24.2:D 84/19 Drug enforcement : 20th anniversary edition 1
J 24.2:D 84/20/2000 Speaking out against drug legalization 1
J 24.2:D 84/20/2002 Speaking out against drug legalization 1
J 24.2:D 84/20/2010 Speaking out against drug legalization 1
J 24.2:D 84/21 Get it straight : the facts about drugs 1
J 24.2:D 84/22/1973-2008 Drug Enforcement Administration : a tradition of excellence, 1973-2008 1