Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 1.2:EL 2/5 Electronic surveillance issues in federal criminal cases 1
J 1.2:EL 2/6 Elder abuse resource roadmap : financial 1
J 1.2:EL 2/7 Exploring elder financial exploitation victimization : identifying unique risk profiles and factors to enhance detection, prevention and intervention 1
J 1.2:EM 3/4 Americans with Disabilities Act : access for 9-1-1 and telephone emergency services 1
J 1.2:EM 7 Time to work : managing the employment of sex offenders under community supervision 1
J 1.2:EN 2/2 Enforcing the ADA : a special fifth anniversary status report from the Department of Justice 1
J 1.2:EN 7 Ensuring public safety and justice in rural America 1
J 1.2:EQ 2/2 Department of Justice equal employment opportunity strategic plan 2008-2012 1
J 1.2:EX 7/ Special Counsel's Office statement of expenditures 1
J 1.2:F 11 Look at the facts, not at the faces 1
J 1.2:F 21/2 Attorney General's Task Force on Family Violence : final report 1
J 1.2:F 21/3 Justice Programs on family violence a report to the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs 1
J 1.2:F 33/4 Female sex offenders 1
J 1.2:F 33/5 Specialized felony domestic violence courts lessons on implementation and impacts from the Kings County experience : report submitted to the Center for Court Innovation and the National Institute of Justice 1
J 1.2:F 38 Department of Justice report regarding the criminal investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson 1
J 1.2:F 38/2 Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department 1
J 1.2:F 47 How to file a title III complaint 1
J 1.2:F 47/SPAN. Cómo entablar una denuncia bajo el Título III 1
J 1.2:F 49/2 Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act program 1
J 1.2:F 49/3 The acquisition of sebaceous fingerprint topology using columnar thin films (CTF) on forensically relevant substrates 1