Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 1.2:AN 5 Commonly asked questions about service animals in places of business 2
J 1.2:An 7/789-989 200th anniversary of the Office of the Attorney General, 1789-1989 1
J 1.2:AN 8/9/998 Antitrust enforcement and the consumer 1
J 1.2:AN 8/9/2001 Antitrust enforcement and the consumer 1
J 1.2:An 8/11 Antitrust Division 1
J 1.2:AN 8/12 Answers to questions commonly asked by hospitals and health care providers : ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1
J 1.2:AN 8/13 Customer service in the Antitrust Division 1
J 1.2:AN 8/14 Joint antitrust statement regarding COVID-19 1
J 1.2:AP 5/3/ Application booklet. Attorney General's honor program for ... graduating students, graduate law students and judicial law clerks 1
J 1.2:AR 7/5 Artwork at the Main Justice Building 1
J 1.2:AS 2 Asset forfeiture & money laundering statutes 1
J 1.2:AS 7/2/2004 Selected federal asset forfeiture statutes : including statutes amended by the Criminal Law Technical Amendments Act of 2002, the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the USA Patriot Act of 2001, and CAFRA 1
J 1.2:AS 7/3 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange charged in 18-count superseding indictment : charges related to illegally obtaining, receiving and disclosing classified information 1
J 1.2:AS 7/4 Remarks from the briefing announcing the superseding indictment of Julian Assange 1
J 1.2:At 8/7 Wrong turns on the road to judicial activism : the Ninth Amendment and the privileges or immunities clause 1
J 1.2:At 8/8 Report to the Attorney General on economic liberties protected by the Constitution 1
J 1.2:AT 8/9 Memorandum for Emmet T. Flood, Counsel to the President : re: designating an Acting Attorney General 1
J 1.2:B 21 Investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department 1
J 1.2:B 22 Help us build trust in America's bankruptcy system : discover new career opportunities, join the diverse group of professionals who in bankruptcy administration 1
J 1.2:B 23/2 Klaus Barbie and the United States government : a report to the Attorney General of the United States 1