Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 1.2:B 23/3 Collective bargaining agreement between the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 3620, AFL-CIO 1
J 1.2:B 32 Does batterer treatment reduce violence? a a randomized experiment in Brooklyn 1
J 1.2:B 48 Investigation of long-term effects of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Community-Based Mentoring Program : final technical report for OJJDP 1
J 1.2:B 62 The fluid dynamics of droplet impact on inclined surfaces with application to forensic blood spatter analysis 1
J 1.2:B 64/2 Border patrol drug interdiction activities on the Southwest border 1
J 1.2:B 87 School-based programs to reduce bullying and victimization 1
J 1.2:B 87/2 Improve the NIBIN System by providing examiners a capability to match infrared images of firing pin impressions and deformed bullets as well as accurate large database searches 1
J 1.2:B 96/2/994 Doing business with the U.S. Department of Justice 1
J 1.2:C 17/2 Attorney General Merrick B. Garland delivers remarks on the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol 1
J 1.2:C 17/3 Report on matters related to intelligence activities and investigations arising out of the 2016 presidential Campaigns 1
J 1.2:C 26/2 CASES: the Civil Division's case management system 1
J 1.2:C 26/2/988 CASES : the Civil Division's case management system 1
J 1.2:C 26/4 Case studies on the Center for Sex Offender Management's national resource sites 1
J 1.2:C 43/3 The transfer of responsibility for child protective investigations to law enforcement in Florida a supplementary study final report 1
J 1.2:C 43/4 Defending childhood : protect, heal, thrive 1
J 1.2:C 43/4/EXEC.SUM. Defending childhood : protect, heal, thrive : report of the Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence 1
J 1.2:C 43/5 Commonly asked questions about child care centers and the Americans with Disabilities Act 1
J 1.2:C 43/6 Investigation of the Chicago Police Department 1
J 1.2:C 49/8 Citizen court watching : the consumers' perspective 1
J 1.2:C 49/11/2006 Civil Rights Division activities and programs 1