Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 29.59/9-3:128 Archeological investigations at the Savacoal property in Boston Village, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Summit County, Ohio 1
I 29.59/9-3:129 An archeological inventory and assessment of eight archeological sites in the Boston area, Boston Township, Summit County, Ohio 1
I 29.59/9-3:130 Results of geophysical survey and historic names research of the California Trail segments located within the boundaries of the City of Rocks National Reserve, Cassia County, Idaho 1
I 29.59/9-3:132 Geophysical prospection and archeological investigations of the proposed bridge replacement, entrance road realignment, and new visitor parking lot project at the Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas 1
I 29.59/9-3:133 The 1993 and 1994 archeological investigations at James A. Garfield National Historic Site, Mentor, Lake County, Ohio 1
I 29.59/9-3:134 Exploring the wildland fire and archeology interface in the Midwest : an experimental program to investigate impacts from fire on archeological resources 1
I 29.59/9-3:135 Archeological testing of two historic properties at Lincoln Home National Historic Site : the Henson Robinson and Jesse K. Dubois House lots 1
I 29.59/9-3:136 Geophysical investigations and archeological monitoring of the underground electric line installation project area at the Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas 1
I 29.59/9-4:1 An archaeological overview and assessment of the CAR2015 project at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial 1
I 29.59/9-4:2 Ground penetrating radar survey of proposed elevator shaft site exploration (PEPC 47098) in the old courthouse at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis, Missouri 1
I 29.59/9-4:5 2009 archaeological investigations at the Walters, Beedle, and Lyon lots, Lincoln Home National Historic Site 1
I 29.59/9-4:7 Archeological inventory at multiple localities, Badlands National Park, South Dakota 1
I 29.59/9-4:8 Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, the 1993 park-wide archeological survey of South Bass Island, Ottawa County, Ohio 1
I 29.59/9-4:9 Geophysical evaluation of four areas within the Trade Fair Locality at Pecos National Historical Park, San Miguel County, New Mexico 1
I 29.59/9-4:10 Geophysical investigations of three sites within the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Mercer County, North Dakota 1
I 29.59:11 The steamboat Bertrand : history, excavation, and architecture 1
I 29.59:12 The Bertrand bottles; a study of 19th-century glass and ceramic containers 1
I 29.59:18 c Tsegai : an archeological ethnohistory of the Chaco region 1
I 29.59:18 D Small site architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 1
I 29.59:18 F/v.3/pt.2 Investigations at the Pueblo Alto Complex, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico : 1975-1979 1