Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 29.2:P 58/3 Archeological inventory and evaluative testing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, 1985-1990 1
I 29.2:P 58/4 Late Wisconsin history of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and vicinity : by William L. Blewett 1
I 29.2:P 58/5 The Pictured Rocks : an administrative history of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore 1
I 29.2:P 65 The heart of the Gabilans : an administrative history of Pinnacles National Monument 1
I 29.2:P 66 Pipe Spring National Monument : statement for management 1
I 29.2:P 66/2 Managing the sacred and the secular : an administrative history of Pipestone National Monument 1
I 29.2:P 67 Piscataway Park : Piscataway Park, Maryland 1
I 29.2:P 69 Plants, people, and environmental quality; a study of plants and their environmental functions 1
I 29.2:P 69/4/2000 Native plants for parks : cost-effective programs for resource management, revegetation with native plants, threatened or endangered species, historical plants 1
I 29.2:P 69/5 Plain talk 1
I 29.2:P 69/6 People and places on the outer Cape a landscape character study 1
I 29.2:P 69/10 Points of origin of native plants 1
I 29.2:P 69/12 Wild wealth : the riches of native plants 1
I 29.2:P 69/13 Plant list 1
I 29.2:P 69/14 Plants living on the edge : along the Hermit Road, Greenway Trail 1
I 29.2:P 69/15 Edible plants used by Siberian Yupik Eskimos of southeastern Chukotka Peninsula, Russia 2
I 29.2:P 69/15/RUSS. Sʺedobnye rastenii{u0361}a ėskimosov : ėtnobotanicheskoe posobie dli{u0361}a nat{u0361}sionalʹnykh shkol Chukotskogo avtonomnogo okruga 1
I 29.2: P 69/16 From Plains to the White House and beyond : teacher resource book 1
I 29.2:P 69/17 Full species list of plants 1
I 29.2:P 69/18 Planning for a changing climate : climate-smart planning and management in the National Park Service 1