Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 29.2:H 62/32 Historic housing in the national park system 1
I 29.2:H 62/33 Inventory of large preserved historic vessels 1
I 29.2:H 62/35 The Secretary of the Interior's standards for the treatment of historic properties 1
I 29.2:H 62/36 Historic Arkansas River & Rail Conservation Corridor 1
I 29.2:H 62/38 Historic cultural land use study of lower Cape Cod : a study of the historical archeology and history of the Cape Cod National Seashore and the surrounding region 1
I 29.2:H 62/39 Historic preservation response methodology based on the Hurricane Katrina model 1
I 29.2:H 62/40/SPAN Reflejos Hispanos en el paisaje Americano identificación e interpretación de la herencia Hispana 1
I 29.2:H 62/41 HALS : Historic American Landscapes Survey 1
I 29.2:H 62/42 HAER : Historic American Engineering Record 1
I 29.2:H 62/43 HABS : Historic American Buildings Survey 1
I 29.2:H 62/44 National Park Service : where history happens 1
I 29.2:H 62/45 Historic preservation, junior ranger activity book for ages 7 and up : National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 1
I 29.2:H 62/47 Report to Congress on the historic preservation of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 sites in the United States 1
I 29.2:H 68 Hohokam ecology : the ancient desert people and their environment 1
I 29.2:H 77/4 Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site : administrative history 1
I 29.2:H 78 Horseshoe Curve site development plan, Altoona, Pennsylvania 1
I 29.2:H 78/2 Horse trail study : Rock Creek Park : Washington, D.C. 1
I 29.2:H 79 Hot Springs National Park : long-range interpretive plan 1
I 29.2:H 81 Employee housing : National Park Service 1
I 29.2:H 82 Environmental assessment for the general management plan and development concept plan : Hovenweep National Monument, Colorado-Utah 1