Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 29.138/4: Yellowstone science 1
I 29.138:999 Annual report 1
I 29.139: Canyons & caves a newsletter from the Natural Resources Offices Carlsbad Caverns National Park 1
I 29.139/2: Inside earth a newsletter of the National Park Service Cave & Karst Programs 1
I 29.14/2:2 Maryland Heights : archeological & historical resources study 1
I 29.14/2:3 Portici : portrait of a middling plantation in Piedmont Virginia 1
I 29.14/2:4 Historical and archeological study of the George Washington Memorial Parkway from the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge to the Lorcom Lane Turnabout on Spout Run Parkway, Arlington, Virginia : with reference to the archeology and history along the length of the GWMP in Arlington County, especially between the Fourteenth Street Bridge and Chain Bridge 1
I 29.14/2:5 Archeology at the Petersen House : unearthing an alternative history : a cultural resource management project undertaken by the Regional Archeology Program, National Park Service, National Capital Region 1
I 29.14/2:7 Cultural resource survey and inventory of a war torn landscape : the Stuart's Hill tract, Manassas National Battlefield Park, Virginia 1
I 29.14/2:9 Archeology at Harmony Hall : exploring the late seventeenth-century frontier of Maryland 1
I 29.14/2:10 Archeological investigations in the backyards of park buildings 32 to 36, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park : the package 116 prehistoric occupations 1
I 29.14/2:11 Archeological views of the Upper Wager Block, a domestic and commercial neighborhood in Harpers Ferry 1
I 29.14/2:12 Domestic responses to nineteenth-century industrialization : an archeology of park building 48, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park 1
I 29.14/2:13 National Capital Area archeological overview and survey plan 1
I 29.14:3 The geological history of Fossil Butte National Monument and Fossil Basin 1
I 29.14/3:2 State archaeological education programs 1
I 29.14/4:2 Supplementary excavations at the Kirk Street Agents' House, Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, Massachusetts 1
I 29.140: Ranger-led activities schedule
The glacier explorer
I 29.141: Connecting threads 1
I 29.141:2004/1 Connecting threads newsletter 1