Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 29.136:32 NCPTT notes 1
I 29.136:33 NCPTT notes 1
I 29.136:34/SUPP. NCPTT notes 1
I 29.136:35 NCPTT notes 1
I 29.136:37/SUPP. NCPTT notes 1
I 29.136:FALL SUPP./995 Notes from the Center 1
I 29.136:SUM.SUPP./996 Notes from the Center 1
I 29.137:C 49/2014 Tennessee River Civil War driving tour 1
I 29.137:F 76/CD Shtutda ̕ina da ̕a shul qudel = My forefathers are still walking with me : verbal essays on Qizhjeh and Tsaynen Dena ̕ina traditions 1
I 29.137:OL 5/CD Turf management plan for Martin Van Buren National Historic site 1
I 29.138: Annual report 1
I 29.138/2: Annual report 1
I 29.138/3: Yellowstone bird report 1
I 29.138/4: Yellowstone science 1
I 29.138:999 Annual report 1
I 29.139: Canyons & caves a newsletter from the Natural Resources Offices Carlsbad Caverns National Park 1
I 29.139/2: Inside earth a newsletter of the National Park Service Cave & Karst Programs 1
I 29.14/2:2 Maryland Heights : archeological & historical resources study 1
I 29.14/2:3 Portici : portrait of a middling plantation in Piedmont Virginia 1
I 29.14/2:4 Historical and archeological study of the George Washington Memorial Parkway from the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge to the Lorcom Lane Turnabout on Spout Run Parkway, Arlington, Virginia : with reference to the archeology and history along the length of the GWMP in Arlington County, especially between the Fourteenth Street Bridge and Chain Bridge 1