Call Number (LC) Title Results
HV37 .P56 The idea of welfare 1
HV37 .S579 2011 Social work treatment : interlocking theoretical approaches 1
HV37 .T465 1985 Theory and practice of community social work 1
HV38 .S6 1957 Broken circle 1
HV40 .B83 Working with people; the helping process 1
HV40 .B87 1942 Social work as a profession 1
HV40 .C43 Changing roles in social work practice 1
HV40 .C672 2014 Collaborative cognitive-behavioral intervention in social work practice : a workbook 1
HV40 .D3937 2017 Social work theory & practice 1
HV40 .D45 The planning and administration of human services 1
HV40 .E466 2014 Empowering workers and clients for organizational change 1
HV40 .F37 2018 Feminist perspectives on social work practice : the intersecting lives of women in the twenty-first century 1
HV40 .F47 2018 Global social work in a political context : radical perspectives 1
HV40 .F5 1963 The field of social work 1
HV40 .F585 2017 Putting wealth to work : philanthropy for today or investing for tomorrow? 1
HV40 .G673 2017 Reflective thinking in social work : lessons from student narratives 1
HV40 .H629 2016 Motivational interviewing in social work practice 1
HV40 .H6829 2009 A brief introduction to social work theory 1
HV40 .L49 2017 Design thinking for the greater good : innovation in the social sector 1
HV40 .M4567 2013 Policy, politics, and ethics : a critical approach 1