Call Number (LC) Title Results
HT690.U6 S68 The Southern common people : studies in nineteenth-century social history 1
HT690.U6 W37 The radical center : middle Americans and the politics of alienation 1
HT690.U6 W65 1998 One nation, after all : what middle-class Americans really think about, God, country, family, racism, welfare, immigration, homosexuality, work, the Right, the Left, and each other 1
HT725.U6 W55 2020 Caste : the origins of our discontents 1
HT807 .B55 1971 Lord and peasant in Russia : from the ninth to the nineteenth century 1
HT855 .A26 The Abolition of the Atlantic slave trade : origins and effects in Europe, Africa, and the Americas 1
HT861 .D38 1984 Slavery and human progress 1
HT861 .P46 1985 Slavery from Roman times to the early transatlantic trade 1
HT861 .R68 2012 The Routledge history of slavery 1
HT861 .W33 2006 Atlas of slavery 1
HT861 .W34 1983 Slavery and the slave trade : a short illustrated history 1
HT863 .F48 Ancient slavery and modern ideology 1
HT863 .H66 Conquerors and slaves 1
HT863 .J67 2010 Slavery in the Roman world 1
HT867 .B35 2012 Disposable people : new slavery in the global economy 1
HT867 .D38 1975 The problem of slavery in the age of Revolution, 1770-1823 1
HT869.E6 A3 2001 The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, written by himself 1
HT869 .O65 2023 Only by experience : an anthology of slave narratives 1
HT869.P6 A3 1997 The history of Mary Prince : a West Indian slave 1
HT871 .C67 2016 Shackles from the deep : tracing the path of a sunken slave ship, a bitter past, and a rich legacy 1