Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ799.7 .S65 2011 Lost in transition : the dark side of emerging adulthood 1
HQ799.7 .T73 1999 Transitions to adulthood in a changing economy : no work, no family, no future? 1
HQ799.7 .W5 1988a The forgotten half : non-college youth in America : an interim report on the school-to-work transition 1
HQ799.7 .Y32 The hippie trip 1
HQ799.8.G7 R62 1983 Youth and leisure 1
HQ799.8.G72 .L66 1973 Young outsiders; a study of alternative communities 1
HQ799.8.J3 C45 2018 Nation-empire : ideology and rural youth mobilization in Japan and its colonies 1
HQ799.9.I58 G37 2014 The app generation : how today's youth navigate identity, intimacy, and imagination in a digital world 1
HQ799.9.P6 F68 2007 Fountain of youth : strategies and tactics for mobilizing America's young voters 1
HQ799.9.P6 L38 2015 Running from office : why young Americans are turned off to politics 1
HQ799.95 .A38 1982 Developing through relationships : a reader 1
HQ799.95 .C73 2009 The craft of life course research 1
HQ799.95 .H36 2003 Handbook of the life course 1
HQ799.95 .H36 2016 Handbook of the life course. Volume II 1
HQ799.95 .S33 1986 Adult development and aging 1
HQ799.95 .S48 1981B Pathfinders 1
HQ799.95 .S58 2003 Social dynamics of the life course : transitions, institutions, and interrelations 1
HQ800 .G48 1974 Naked nomads; unmarried men in America 1
HQ800 .R6 The single women 1
HQ800.15 .A22 2000 A history of celibacy : from Athena to Elizabeth I, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Ghandi, and Cher 1