Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ799.2.P6 C38 2009 Consuming politics : Jon Stewart, branding, and the youth vote in America 1
HQ799.2.P6 G55 2003 Cultivating democracy : civic environments and political socialization in America 1
HQ799.2.P6 G65 2010 We fight to win : inequality and the politics of youth activism 1
HQ799.2.P6 G77 2019 Growing up America : youth and politics since 1945 1
HQ799.2.P6 M3 American youth in a changing culture 1
HQ799.2.P6 S52 The political involvement of adolescents 1
HQ799.2.P6 T35 2011 Rebel girls : youth activism and social change across the Americas 1
HQ799.2.T4 T83 1982 TV & teens : experts look at the issues 1
HQ799.5 .B62 The young adult : development after adolescence 1
HQ799.5 .L86 2021 Gen Z : the superhero generation 1
HQ799.5 .M393 2008 The pirate's dilemma : how youth culture is reinventing capitalism 1
HQ799.5 .S44 2019 Generation Z : a century in the making 1
HQ799.6 .J58 2019 Why young men : the dangerous allure of violent movements and what we can do about it 1
HQ799.7 .E63 2006 Emerging adults in America : coming of age in the 21st century 1
HQ799.7 .F37 The damned and the beautiful : American youth in the 1920's 1
HQ799.7 .H376 2017 Kids these days : human capital and the making of millennials 1
HQ799.7 .J3 Weatherman 1
HQ799.7 .K45 Young radicals; notes on committed youth 1
HQ799.7. L58 1986 The postponed generation : why America's grown-up kids are growing up later 1
HQ799.7 .M24 1957 The white negro 1