Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ798 .D85 Girls growing up in late Victorian and Edwardian England 1
HQ798 .G52 2019 Witnessing girlhood : toward an intersectional tradition of life writing 1
HQ798 .L96 Daughters and parents : past, present, and future 1
HQ798 .O74 1994 Schoolgirls : young women, self-esteem, and the confidence gap 1
HQ798 .P57 1995 Reviving Ophelia : saving the selves of adolescent girls 1
HQ798 .S444 2018 American tomboys, 1850-1915 1
HQ798 .T39 1995 Between voice and silence : women and girls, race and relationship 1
HQ798 .T45 2014 From the dance hall to Facebook : teen girls, mass media, and moral panic in the United States, 1905-2010 1
HQ798 .T455 2019 This is 18 1
HQ799.D44 Y68 2008 Youth and the city in the global south 1
HQ799.E9 A32 1977 Adolescence and youth in prospect 1
HQ799.F8 J57 2007 Riding the new wave : youth and the rejuvenation of France after the Second World War 1
HQ799.G7 C48 1992 Labour's apprentices : working-class lads in late Victorian and Edwardian England 1
HQ799.R9 B543 2007 National identity and globalization : youth, state and society in post-Soviet Eurasia 1
HQ799.R9 K37 The Soviet youth program; regimentation and rebellion 1
HQ799.R9 M285 2000 Coming of age in post-Soviet Russia 1
HQ799.S69 F87 2010 Stalin's last generation : Soviet post-war youth and the emergence of mature socialism 1
HQ799.S69 T76 2016 Socialist fun : youth, consumption, and state-sponsored popular culture in the Cold War Soviet Union, 1945-1970 1
HQ799.15 .R56 1999 See Jane win : the Rimm report on how 1,000 girls became successful women 1
HQ799.15 .S32 2006 The transition to adulthood and family relations : an intergenerational perspective 1