Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1738 .K713 About Chinese women 1
HQ1738 .Y68 Women in China; studies in social change and feminism 1
HQ1742 .G45 1989 Gender and the household domain : social and cultural dimensions 1
HQ1742 .M3813 A pattern of life : the memoirs of an Indian woman 1
HQ1742 .R298 2000 En-gendering India : woman and nation in colonial and postcolonial narratives 1
HQ1743 .G36 1992 The Issues at stake : theory and practice in the contemporary women's movement in India 1
HQ1743 .J33 Women's quest for power : five Indian case studies 1
HQ1745.M37 B34 1995 Of woman caste : the experience of gender in rural India 1
HQ1745.8 .A683 2006 The flaming womb : repositioning women in early modern Southeast Asia 1
HQ1745.8 .D4 1988 Development and displacement : women in Southeast Asia 1
HQ1752 .S43 1996 Fantasizing the feminine in Indonesia 1
HQ1762 .I474 1987 Urban Japanese housewives : at home and in the community 1
HQ1762 .R43 1991 Recreating Japanese women, 1600-1945 1
HQ1762 .R6 1983 The hidden sun : women of modern Japan 1
HQ1763 .L4 1984 Japanese women : constraint and fulfillment 1
HQ1763 .S57 1983 Flowers in salt : the beginnings of feminist consciousness in modern Japan 1
HQ1767 .B355 2012 Women and gender in twentieth-century China 1
HQ1767 .C76 Feminism and socialism in China 1
HQ1767 .H648 2018 Betraying Big Brother : the feminist awakening in China 1
HQ1767 .S63 1979 The death of Woman Wang 1