Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1423 .L39 1984 The free women of Petersburg : status and culture in a southern town, 1784-1860 1
HQ1423 .L45 Liberating the home 1
HQ1423 .Y45 1989 Women & sisters : the antislavery feminists in American culture 1
HQ1426 .A68 The silenced majority; women and American democracy 1
HQ1426 .B29 In transition : how feminism, sexual liberation, and the search for self-fulfillment have altered our lives 1
HQ1426 .B393 The origins of the Equal Rights Amendment : American feminism between the wars 1
HQ1426 .B68 The politics of the equal rights amendment : conflict and the decision process 1
HQ1426 .B76 1984 Femininity 1
HQ1426 .B82 Women and American socialism, 1870-1920 1
HQ1426 .C247 1991 Segregated sisterhood : racism and the politics of American feminism 1
HQ1426 .C45 1974 The American woman; her changing social, economic, and political roles, 1920-1970 1
HQ1426 .C453 Women and equality : changing patterns in American culture 1
HQ1426 .C465 Women, money & power 1
HQ1426 .C626 1988 The sisterhood : the true story of the women who changed the world 1
HQ1426 .C634 1990 Conflicts in feminism 1
HQ1426 .D38 1980 The Decade of women : a Ms. history of the seventies in words and pictures 1
HQ1426 .D4 The liberated woman and other Americans 1
HQ1426 .D819 1983 Choice and compromise : a woman's guide to balancing family and career 1
HQ1426 .D86 Women in transition 1
HQ1426 .E36 Editorial research reports on the women's movement : achievements and effects - timely reports to keep journalists, scholars, and the public abreast of developing issues, events and trends 1