Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1421 .S46 2019 Speaking of feminism : today's activists on the past, present, and future of the U.S. women's movement 1
HQ1421 .S675 1996 Balancing act : motherhood, marriage, and employment among American women 1
HQ1421 .S74 1994b Moving beyond words 1
HQ1421 .S92 2018 Feminism's forgotten fight : the unfinished struggle for work and family 1
HQ1421 .T73 2018 Good and mad : the revolutionary power of women's anger 1
HQ1421 .U43 1996 Motherhood reconceived : feminism and the legacies of the sixties 1
HQ1421 .U54 2014 Underserved women of color, voice, and resistance : claiming a seat at the table 1
HQ1421 .W4 2017 We wanted a revolution : black radical women, 1965-85 : a sourcebook 1
HQ1421 .W4 2018 We wanted a revolution : black radical women, 1965-85, new perspectives 1
HQ1421 .W654 1994 Women in cross-cultural transitions 1
HQ1421 .Z45 2008 Feminism and pop culture 1
HQ1421 .Z46 2016 We were feminists once : from Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the buying and selling of a political movement 1
HQ1423 .G79 1988 Letters on the equality of the sexes, and other essays 1
HQ1423 .L39 1984 The free women of Petersburg : status and culture in a southern town, 1784-1860 1
HQ1423 .L45 Liberating the home 1
HQ1423 .Y45 1989 Women & sisters : the antislavery feminists in American culture 1
HQ1426 .A68 The silenced majority; women and American democracy 1
HQ1426 .B29 In transition : how feminism, sexual liberation, and the search for self-fulfillment have altered our lives 1
HQ1426 .B393 The origins of the Equal Rights Amendment : American feminism between the wars 1
HQ1426 .B68 The politics of the equal rights amendment : conflict and the decision process 1