Call Number (LC) Title Results
HN57 .P747 1934 Recent social trends in the United States; report 1
HN57 .R57 Violence in America; a historical and contemporary reader 1
HN57 .R577 Inequality and stratification in the United States 1
HN57 .R78 Rural America 1
HN57 .S353 The crisis of confidence; ideas, power, and violence in America 1
HN57 .S48 The Sexually oppressed 1
HN57 .T48 1983 Alternative America : Henry George, Edward Bellamy, Henry Demarest Lloyd, and the adversary tradition 1
HN57 .T66 The capitalist revolution; a history of American social thought, 1890-1919 1
HN57 .T77 1998 Mugwumps : public moralists of the gilded age 1
HN57 .V34 1978 Values Americans live by 1
HN57 .V54 A Vision shared : a classic portrait of America and its people, 1935-1943 1
HN57 .W26 1985 Reform in America : the continuing frontier 1
HN57 .W28 The corporation in the emergent American society 1
HN57 .W354 1978 Generations : your family in modern American history 1
HN57 .W54 1975 The segmented society; an introduction to the meaning of America 1
HN57 .Y63 2015 Dissent : the history of an American idea 1
HN58 .B7 1966 The great leap; the past twenty-five years in America 1
HN58 .D58 Who rules America? 1
HN58 .H25 Toward a democratic left; a radical program for a new majority 1
HN58 .L65 The gap 1