Call Number (LC) Title Results
HF5636 .F526 2016 The essentials of finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers 1
HF5636 .M67 2009 Early warning and quick response : accounting in the twenty-first century 1
HF5636 .P672 2013 Using financial accounting information : the alternative to debits and credits 1
HF5636 .R68 2018 The Routledge companion to critical accounting 1
HF5636 .S5529 2012 Schaum's outlines of managerial accounting 1
HF5636 .W49 2012 Financial accounting 1
HF5657 .A28 1991 Accounting control systems : a technical, social, and behavioral integration 1
HF5657 .B37 1984 Socio-economic accounting 1
HF5657 .C543 An introduction to multinational accounting 1
HF5657 .C687 1990 Accounting ethics : a practical guide for professionals 1
HF5657 .E54 1982 Economics, accounting, and property theory 1
HF5657 .G55 2009 Accountants' truth : knowledge and ethics in the financial world 1
HF5657 .G88 2001 The CPA's guide to professional ethics 1
HF5657 .K346 1994 Tricks of the trade! : practical problem solving techniques and shortcuts used in accounting 1
HF5657 .L394 1992 Accounting's changing role in social conflict 1
HF5657 .M226 Computers and accounting 1
HF5657 .M228 1985 The Social software of accounting and information systems 1
HF5657 .M34 1993 The accountant's guide to peer and quality review 1
HF5657 .M53 Inflation accounting 1
HF5657 .M65 1991 Accounting in the dual economy 1