Call Number (LC) Title Results
HE 20.9208:SE 6 Resource guide and work book for MCH/CSHCN providers : how to negotiate and contract for services with Medicaid managed care organizations 1
HE 20.9208:SO 1/2000 Understanding Title V of the Social Security Act 1
HE 20.9212:11/2 EMSC news 1
HE 20.9213: Child health USA 1
HE 20.9213:2000 Child health USA 1
HE 20.9213:2010 Child health USA 1
HE 20.9215: Title V information system 1
HE 20.9215/1: Guidance and forms for the Title V application/annual report 1
HE 20.9216: Women's health USA 1
HE 20.9292:2003018722 Welfare reform and women's health opportunities to advance the public response to the health needs of women on welfare through collaboration 1
HE 20.9302:2002013919 The pharmacist workforce a study of the supply and demand for pharmacists 1
HE 20.9302:2002014810 A national agenda for nursing workforce racial/ethnic diversity report to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and Congress 1
HE 20.9302:2002015924 A national informatics agenda for nursing education and practice report to the secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services 1
HE 20.9302:Ap 5 Changes in the composition of the health professions applicant pool : 1977-1987 1
HE 20.9302:AR 3/989 The Area Resource File (ARF) System information for health resources planning and research 1
HE 20.9302:B 12 Cost estimating model for baccalaureate nursing education programs 1
HE 20.9302:C 61 Federal support for the preparation of the clinical nurse specialist workforce through Title VIII report to the Secretary of Health and Human Services 1
HE 20.9302:D 26/2 National Practitioner Data Bank : data bank information : healthcare integrity and protection data bank 1
HE 20.9302:D 54 Impact of DRG'S on nursing : report of the Southern Regional Education Board 1
HE 20.9302:D 54/2 Impact of DRG's on nursing 1