Call Number (LC) Title Results
HE 20.9202:C 33/pancreas 1991 Report of center-specific graft & patient survival rates 1
HE 20.9202:C 33/user 1991 Report of center-specific graft & patient survival rates 1
HE 20.9202:C 43 The Surgeon General's letter on child sexual abuse 1
HE 20.9202:C 43/2/ Child health USA 1
HE 20.9202:C 43/2/996-97 Child health USA 1
HE 20.9202:C 43/4 3rd National Congress on Childhood Emergencies : advance program 1
HE 20.9202:C 43/5 30 million children will receive emergency care this year they can't all belong to someone else 1
HE 20.9202:C 43/6 The Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program in review analysis and findings of a descriptive survey 1
HE 20.9202:D 43 Dentists and Head Start what you should know and how you can help 1
HE 20.9202:Ed 8 Revitalizing health professions education for minorities and the disadvantaged : a health professions deans' forum on issues and strategies : final report 1
HE 20.9202:H 34/2 The changing role of health planning : a monograph 1
HE 20.9202:H 34/3 Healthy mothers, healthy babies : supplement to a compendium of program ideas for serving low-income women 1
HE 20.9202:H 34/4 Healthy children 2000 : national health promotion and disease prevention objectives related to mothers, infants, children, adolescents, and youth 1
HE 20.9202:H 34/5/994 Health diary : myself, my baby 1
HE 20.9202:H 34/5/994/SPAN. Diario de salud : la madre, el bebé 1
HE 20.9202:H 35 Early identification of hearing loss : implementing universal newborn hearing screening programs 1
HE 20.9202:H 35/2 The health of homeless women information for state maternal and child health programs 1
HE 20.9202:H 55/exec. sum. Evaluation of the Hill-Burton Program administrative compliance costs executive summary 1
HE 20.9202:H 79/3 Free hospital care 1
HE 20.9202:In 3 Infant care 1