Call Number (LC) Title Results
HE 20.2:P 39/5 Healthy People 2010 : tracking healthy people 2010 1
HE 20.2:P 56/6 PHS physician notes 1
HE 20.2:P 56/7 Physician assistants : make a difference in a community 1
HE 20.2:P 64 What you should know about the pill 1
HE 20.2:P 82 Report of the Surgeon General's Workshop on Pornography and Public Health June 22-24, 1986, Arlington, Virginia 1
HE 20.2:P 91 Prenatal care 1
HE 20.2:P 91/2 You didn't get pregnant-- you didn't get AIDS-- so why do you feel so bad? 1
HE 20.2:P 91/3 Pregnancy and HIV : is AZT the right choice for you and your baby? 1
HE 20.2:P 91/3/SPAN. El embarazo y el VIH : es el AZT mejor para ti y tu bebe? 1
HE 20.2:P 92/3 ODPHP's prevention fact book : life expectancy in the United States 1
HE 20.2:P 92/5 Preventive services in the clinical setting what works and what it costs 1
HE 20.2:P 93/2 A Package of supplemental information to accompany the program, "With Pride and Distinction" 1
HE 20.2:P 94/3 Promoting healthy diets and active lifestyles to lower-SES adults : market research for public education 1
HE 20.2:P 94/4 Profiles of leadership : the past reclaimed, the future promised 1
HE 20.2:R 11/4 Rabies : a warm weather hazard 1
HE 20.2:R 11/5 Report to the Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, on protecting and improving health through the radiological sciences 1
HE 20.2:R 26/2 Report on regional medical programs to the President and the Congress 1
HE 20.2:R 33 Reye syndrome and aspirin 1
HE 20.2:SE 4/2 Self tests 1
HE 20.2:SE 9 Commonly asked questions about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 1