Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD59.6.U6 S72 1995 Toxic sludge is good for you : lies, damn lies, and the public relations industry 1
HD59.6.U6 T94 2002 The father of spin : Edward L. Bernays & the birth of public relations 1
HD60 .A43 1989 Corporate social responsibility : guidelines for top management 1
HD60 .B46 2014 Healing capitalism : five years in the life of business, finance and corporate responsibility 1
HD60 .B52 2008 Philanthro-capitalism : how the rich can save the world 1
HD60 .B67 2010 Social entrepreneurship : what everyone needs to know 1
HD60 B878 1996 Business and society : a reader in the history, sociology, and ethics of business 1
HD60 .B8875 2017 The business student's guide to sustainable management : principles and practice 1
HD60 .C35127 2012 Corporate responsibility : the American experience 1
HD60 .C639 2002 Corporate responsibility and labour rights : codes of conduct in the global economy 1
HD60 .C74 2013 Creating good work : the world's leading social entrepreneurs show how to build a healthy economy 1
HD60 .D66 Corporations and morality 1
HD60 .E337 2013 The solution revolution : how business, government, and social enterprises are teaming up to solve society's toughest problems 1
HD60 .E38 2012 Compassion, Inc. : how corporate America blurs the line between what we buy, who we are, and those we help 1
HD60 .E45 2008 The power of unreasonable people : how social entrepreneurs create markets that change the world 1
HD60 .E67 2008 Making sustainability work : best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental and economic impacts 1
HD60 .E784 1996 Tyranny of the bottom line : why corporations make good people do bad things 1
HD60 .F64 2004 The role of business in fostering peaceful societies 1
HD60 .F735 2006 Corporation, be good! : the story of corporate social responsibility 1
HD60 .F74 1984 Collective and corporate responsibility 1