Call Number (LC) Title Results
GE197 .A75 2018 This green and growing land : environmental activism in American history 1
GE197 .D68 1996 Losing ground : American environmentalism at the close of the twentieth century 1
GE197 .D84 2003 The green agenda in American politics : new strategies for the twenty-first century 1
GE197 .E33 2007 Barry Commoner and the science of survival : the remaking of American environmentalism 1
GE197 .E7 2017 The environmental debate : a documentary history with timeline, glossary, and appendices 1
GE197 .F47 2015 This is our land : grassroots environmentalism in the late twentieth century 1
GE197 .F67 2006 Forging environmentalism : justice, livelihood, and contested environments 1
GE197 .F76 2008 Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution, and how it can renew America 1
GE197 .K55 2000 First along the river : a brief history of the U.S. environmental movement 1
GE197 .K57 2001 Collecting nature : the American environmental movement and the Conservation Library 1
GE197 .M67 2022 Dirt persuasion : civic environmental populism and the heartland's pipeline fight 1
GE197 .N38 2009 Natural protest : essays on the history of American environmentalism 1
GE197 .S43 2000 Earth rising : American environmentalism in the 21st century 1
GE197 .S44 2003 A fierce green fire : the American environmental movement 1
GE197 .S48 2000 The land that could be : environmentalism and democracy in the twenty-first century 1
GE197 .S76 2007 U.S. environmentalism since 1945 : a brief history with documents 1
GE197 .S95 1997 Green backlash : the history and politics of the environmental opposition in the U.S. 1
GE197 .U54 1994 Unequal protection : environmental justice and communities of color 1
GE197 .W66 2018 The ecocentrists : a history of radical environmentalism 1
GE198.C2 S74 2017 Defending giants : the redwood wars and the transformation of American environmental politics 1