Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5588.3 Cuartel cabrecera, Distrito de Arizona, Mesilla, a 28 de octubre, 1862 Ordenes especiales, No. 67 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5588.4 Cuartel general distrito de Arizona, Mesilla, diciembre 2, de 1862 Ordenes generales No. 24 . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5589 Report of Brigadier General B. H. Grierson, brevet magor general, U. S. army comprising a summary of events, Department of Arizona, from September 1st, 1889, to July 1st, 1980 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5590 Report of operations against Apache Indians, May, 1885, to April, 1886 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5591 Roster of troops serving in the Department of Arizona, commanded by Colonel August V. Kautz Eighth infantry, Brevet Major-General, U.S.A., Headquarters, Prescott, A.T., September, 1876 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5593 Whipple Barracks, Prescott, A.T., December 2, 1879 to the Assistant Adjutant General, Department of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5594 Annual report of Colonel B. H. Grierson, Tenth calvary ... comanding District of New Mexicao, 1887-1888 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5595 Report of the part taken by the troops of the Department of Dakota in the Sioux Indian campaign during the latter part of 1890 and the early part of the present year 1
F591 .W48 Reel 554 no.5596 General orders, circulars and rosters issued from Headquarters Dep't. of Dakota, 1870-74 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5597 Letter from the secretary of war, communicating the report of Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane upon the so-called Yellowstone expedition of 1870 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5598 Letter from the secretary of war, transmitting in compliance with a Senate resolution of February 23, 1875, a report of expedition to the Black Hills, under command of Bvt. Maj. Gen. George A. Custer 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5599 Reports of operations relative to the outbreak of the Sioux Indians in 1890 and 1891 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5600 Table of distances in the Department of Dakota 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5601 Headquarters, Dept. of New Mexico, Santa Fé, N.M., June 15th 1863 General orders no. 15 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5601.1 Departament General orders no. 17 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5601.2 General orders no. 20., Head-quarters, Department of New Mexico, Santa Fé, N.M., August 11, 1963 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5601.3 Headquarters Department of New Mexico, Santa Fé, N.M., October 23, 1863 General orders, no. 27 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5602 Head-quarters Department of New Mexico, Synopsis of Indian scouts and their results, for the year 1864 General orders, no. 4. 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5603 Head-quarters, Dept. of New Mexico, March 25, 1864 General orders, no. 84 1
F591 .W48 Reel 555 no.5604 Headquarters District of New Mexico, Fort Wingate, N.M., August 22, 1889 1