Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 4.2:C 42/5 Chemical recovery combustion sources at kraft and soda pulp mills technical support document 1
EP 4.2:C 42/6 Evaluation of a Chevrolet fitted with a vortex reactor 1
EP 4.2:C 43 The CFC phaseout : turning necessity into opportunity 1
EP 4.2:C 45/3 Alternatives for CFC-113 and methyl chloroform in metal cleaning 1
EP 4.2:C 46/5/994 Chromium emissions from chromium electroplating and chromic acid anodizing operations background information for promulgated standards 1
EP 4.2:C 46/6 Technical assessment of new emission control technologies used in the hard chromium electroplating industry 1
EP 4.2:C 48 An evaluation of a 350 CID Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion (CVCC) powered Chevrolet Impala 1
EP 4.2:C 58/2 Clean screening in inspection and maintenance programs 1
EP 4.2:C 58/2/CORR. Corrected CAIR SO2 allocation approach analysis 1
EP 4.2:C 58/3 Meeting the challenge of cleaner air Canada-United States, progress under the Air Quality Agreement, 2008 1
EP 4.2:C 58/4 Section 609 of the Clean Air Act : motor vehicle air conditioning 1
EP 4.2:C 58/5 Business opportunities of the new clean air act : the impact of CAAA of 1990 on the Air Pollution Control Industry 1
EP 4.2:C 58/6/ Newsletter 1
EP 4.2:C 58/7 State implementation plan development guidance : using emission reductions from commuter choice programs to meet clean air act requirements 1
EP 4.2:C 58/8 Clean fuel fleet program implementation guidance 1
EP 4.2:C 58/9 Supplemental notice to EPA's proposal for cleaner vehicles and gasoline 1
EP 4.2:C 58/10 EPA's program for cleaner vehicles and cleaner gasoline 1
EP 4.2:C 58/981-85 Activities of the EPA model clearinghouse : a summary report : FY81 - FY85 1
EP 4.2:C 61 The potential impacts of climate change on transportation workshop, October 1-2, 2002, summary and discussion papers 1
EP 4.2:C 61/2 Climate change and ecosystems 1