Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 2.8:W 29/6/2009 Water on tap what you need to know 1
EP 2.8:W 29/7 Guidelines for water reuse 1
EP 2.8:W 29/7/2012 Guidelines for water reuse 1
EP 2.8:W 29/8 Handbook for developing watershed plans to restore and protect our waters 1
EP 2.8:W 29/9 Source water monitoring guidance manual for public water systems for the final long term 2 enhanced surface water treatment rule 1
EP 2.8:W 29/10 Setting small drinking water system rates for a sustainable future one of the simple tools for effective performance (STEP) guide series 1
EP 2.8:W 29/11 A water security handbook planning for and responding to drinking water contamination threats and incidents 1
EP 2.8:W 29/12 Drinking water security for small systems serving 3,300 or fewer persons 1
EP 2.8:W 29/13 Water system owner roles and responsibilities a best practices guide 1
EP 2.8:W 29/14 Water system operator roles and responsibilities a best practices guide 1
EP 2.8:W 29/15 How-to manual update and enhance your local source water protection assessments 1
EP 2.8:W 29/16 Sanitary survey guidance manual for ground water systems (draft) 1
EP 2.8:W 29/17 Draft ground water rule source assessment guidance manual 1
EP 2.8:W 29/18 Ground water rule source water monitoring guidance manual 1
EP 2.8:W 29/19 The ground water rule (GWR) implementation guidance 1
EP 2.8:W 29/20 Consecutive system guide for the ground water rule 1
EP 2.8:W 29/21 Complying with the ground water rule small entity compliance guide 1
EP 2.8:W 29/22 Learner's guide to security considerations for small drinking water systems major security considerations when performing a sanitary survey of a small water system 1
EP 2.8:W 29/25 National Water Program guidance FY 05 end-of-year reporting on final measures and commitments 1
EP 2.8:W 29/26 Ground water rule corrective actions guidance manual 1