Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 2.38:W 29/2 Water quality standards for Indian country fact sheet 1
EP 2.41/2: Drinking water health advisories : (HAs) 1
EP 2.43/3: Draft National Water Program guidance 1
EP 2.45: UCMR 1
EP 2.47: Best practices and end-of-year performance report
National Water Program ... performance report
EP 2.48: ... annual report
OWM accomplishments report
... OWM annual accomplishments report
EP 2.49: Clean watersheds needs survey : report to Congress 1
EP 2.50: Drinking water infrastructure needs survey and assessment : report to Congress
Drinking water infrastructure needs survey : report to Congress
EP 2.51: Highlights of progress : responses to climate change by the National Water Program 1
EP 2.6:2004014415 Technical support document for the revisions to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations 1
EP 2.6:2004014443 Supporting statement for the information collection request for the final NPDES and ELG regulatory revisions for concentrated animal feeding operations 1
EP 2.6:2004014457 Estimation of national economic benefits using the national water pollution control assessment model to evaluate regulatory options for concentrated animal feeding operations 1
EP 2.6:2004014953 Proposed rule to protect communities from overflowing sewers 1
EP 2.6:2004014967 Lead and copper rule minor revisions fact sheet for large water system owners and operators 1
EP 2.6:2004015602 Overview of selected EPA regulations and guidance affecting POTW management 1
EP 2.6:2004015667 Interim guidance on implementation of section 402(o) anti-backsliding rules for water quality-based permits 1
EP 2.6:2004015771 EPA model pretreatment ordinance 1
EP 2.6:2004015773 National combined sewer overflow control strategy 1
EP 2.6:2004015801 National policy regarding whole effluent toxicity enforcement 1
EP 2.6:815-R-99-020 Lead and copper rule summary of revisions 1