Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 2.2:D 48/2 Revised assessment of detection and quantitation approaches 1
EP 2.2:D 49 Development selection and pilot demonstration of preliminary environmental indicators for the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Program 1
EP 2.2:D 62 Report to Congress study of discharges incidental to normal operation of commercial fishing vessels and other non-recreational vessels less than 79 feet 1
EP 2.2:D 63/2/V.1-3 Appendices to the economic analysis for the final stage 2 disinfectants and disinfection byproducts rule 1
EP 2.2:D 63/2006 Emergency disinfection of drinking water 1
EP 2.2:D 81 Teachers' guide to using A day in the life of a drop 1
EP 2.2:D 83/4 National Drinking Water Advisory Council summary meeting minutes : May 5-6, 1999, State Game Lodge in Custer State Park, Custer, South Dakota 1
EP 2.2:D 83/4/MINUTES National Drinking Water Advisory Council minutes of July 21, 1997 meeting Washington, D.C. 1
EP 2.2:D 83/5 National characteristics of drinking water systems serving populations under 10,000 1
EP 2.2:D 83/6 Drinking water and health : What you need to know! 1
EP 2.2:D 83/7 25 years of the Safe Drinking Water Act : protecting our health from source to tap 1
EP 2.2:D 83/8 25 years of the Safe Drinking Water Act : history and trends 1
EP 2.2:D 83/9 Drinking water activities for students, teachers, and parents 1
EP 2.2:D 83/11 Annual drinking water quality reports across America 1
EP 2.2:D 83/12 Study design for evaluating of impacts to underground sources of drinking water by hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane reservoirs 1
EP 2.2:D 83/15 Tribal resource directory for drinking water and wastewater treatment 1
EP 2.2:D 83/16 Drinking water standards & health effects 1
EP 2.2:D 83/18 Preparing your drinking water consumer confidence report guidance for water suppliers 1
EP 2.2:D 83/19 Analysis of the use of drinking water state revolving fund set-asides promoting system sustainability 1
EP 2.2:D 83/20 2006 drinking water data reliability analysis and action plan for state reported public water system data in the EPA Safe Drinking Water Information System/Federal Version (SDWIS/FED) 1