Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 2.2:2004025525 Consumer confidence reports final rule 1
EP 2.2:2004025528 CCRi writer 1
EP 2.2:2004025529 Consumer confidence report rule a quick reference guide 1
EP 2.2:2004025530 Secondary drinking water regulations guidance for nuisance chemicals 1
EP 2.2:2004025532 Drinking water past, present, and future 1
EP 2.2:20020006874 Using your head to help protect our aquatic resources 1
EP 2.2:73/6 Simultaneous compliance guidance manual (draft) for the final stage 2 M-DBP rules 1
EP 2.2:230-B-95-003 A framework for measuring the economic benefits of ground water 1
EP 2.2:231-R-01-002 Our built and natural environments 1
EP 2.2:440-5-86-001 Quality criteria for water 1986 1
EP 2.2:800-F-02-002 Announcing Version 2.0 of the Watershed Assessment, Tracking and Environmental ResultS (WATERS) 1
EP 2.2:810-F-97-002 The safe drinking water act one year later success in advancing public health protection 1
EP 2.2:812-R-97-001 Drinking water infrastructure needs survey first report to Congress 1
EP 2.2:815-B-01-001 Method 317.0 determination of inorganic oxyhalide disinfection by-products in drinking water using ion chromatography with the addition of a postcolumn reagent or trace bromate analysis 1
EP 2.2:815-B-03-001 Method 327.0 determination of chlorine dioxide and chlorite ion in drinking water using lissamine green B and horseradish peroxidase with detection by visible spectrophotometry 1
EP 2.2:815-B-03-002 Method 552.3 determination of haloacetic acids and dalapon in drinking water by liquid-liquid microextraction, derivatization, and gas chromatography with electron capture detection 1
EP 2.2:815-C-99-002 Analysis of GAC effluent blending during the ICR treatment studies 1
EP 2.2:815-D-02-006 Occurrence summary and use support document for the six-year review of national primary drinking water regulations 1
EP 2.2:815-R-03-002 EPA protocol for the review of existing national primary drinking water regulations 1
EP 2.2:815-R-03-003 Analytical feasibility support document for the six-year review of existing national primary drinking water regulations reassessment of feasibility for chemical contaminants 1