Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 2.2:815-R-03-004 Water treatment technology feasibility support document for chemical contaminants--in support of EPA six-year review of national primary drinking water regulations 1
EP 2.2:815-R-03-005 Consideration of other regulatory revisions for chemical contaminants in support of the six-year review of the national primary drinking water regulations 1
EP 2.2:815-R-03-006 Occurrence estimation methodology and occurrence findings report for the six-year review of existing national primary drinking water regulations 1
EP 2.2:815-R-05-008 Method 327.0 determination of chlorine dioxide and chlorite ion in drinking water using lissamine green B and horseradish peroxidase with detection by visible spectrophotometry 1
EP 2.2:815-R-97-002 Small system compliance technology list for the surface water treatment rule 1
EP 2.2:815-R-99-001 Health effects from exposure to high levels of sulfate in drinking water study 1
EP 2.2:815-R-99-002 Health effects from exposure to sulfate in drinking water workshop 1
EP 2.2:816-B-09-002 Tribal Drinking Water Operator Certification Program 1
EP 2.2:816-F-00-028 The drinking water state revolving fund protecting the public through drinking water infrastructure improvements 1
EP 2.2:816-F-00-029 The class V rule a quick reference guide for regulators 1
EP 2.2:816-H-01-003 Safe Drinking Water Act underground injection control (UIC) program protecting public health and drinking water resources 1
EP 2.2:816-H-02-005 Acta para asegurar el suministro de agua potable saludable programa de control de la inyeccion subterranea (UIC) 1
EP 2.2:816-H-02-008 Protect water for life 1
EP 2.2:816-H-03-001 Source water protection it's in our hands 1
EP 2.2:816-H-03-002 Consumer confidence reports building public trust ; national primary drinking water standards 1
EP 2.2:816-K-00-007 Proposed coalbed methane study design an investigation to determine the risks to underground sources of drinking water associated with the hydraulic fracturing of coalbeds for methane gas recovery 1
EP 2.2:816-K-02-001 Protecting drinking water through underground injection control drinking water pocket guide #2. 1
EP 2.2:816-K-02-002 Consider the source a pocket guide to protecting your drinking water 1
EP 2.2:816-K-03-004 Funding for source water protection activities federal funding examples 1
EP 2.2:816-K-03-005 Analysis and findings of the Gallup organization's drinking water customer satisfaction survey 1