Call Number (LC) Title Results
ED 1.310/2:296817 Exploring alternatives to consolidation 1
ED 1.310/2:296818 Preparing rural students for an urban environment 1
ED 1.310/2:296834 A demographic study of rural, small school districts in four Appalachian states 1
ED 1.310/2:296842 Title IV Indian education program evaluation, 1986-87 1
ED 1.310/2:296851 Proceedings, 1986 : National Invitational Conference on Rural Adult Postsecondary Education, September 7-9, 1986, Airlie, Virginia 1
ED 1.310/2:296913 Teaching about the Pacific Rim 1
ED 1.310/2:296922 Quality social studies education in Rhode Island : a report of the Rhode Island Social Studies 1986-87 Project 1
ED 1.310/2:296948 Law-related education in elementary and secondary schools 1
ED 1.310/2:296952 "Good ideas" from National School Recognition Program : programs for the improvement of practice
"Good ideas" from National School Recognition Program programs for the improvement of practice
ED 1.310/2:297001 Assessment tools for adapted and regular physical education 1
ED 1.310/2:297002 How do teachers communicate? 1
ED 1.310/2:297027 Assessing learning motivation a consumer's guide 1
ED 1.310/2:297081 Recent oversight experience in ECIA chapter 1 programs 1
ED 1.310/2:297150 Vocational education for at-risk youth : how can it be made more effective? 1
ED 1.310/2:297157 Education, training, and employment outcomes analysis of a national survey of employers : final technical report 1
ED 1.310/2:297260 Text features as they relate to miscues : determiners 1
ED 1.310/2:297262 A comprehensive cooperative learning approach to elementary reading and writing effects on student achievement 1
ED 1.310/2:297263 The effects of strategy training on the identification of the main idea of expository passages 1
ED 1.310/2:297295 Teaching for thinking : an annotated resource list 1
ED 1.310/2:297298 What we know about phonics 1