Call Number (LC) Title Results
ED 1.310/2:266019 Recent research on mathematics instruction 1
ED 1.310/2:266032 Racially integrating college-preparatory math classes--an evaluation of a university-high school partnership : final report to FIPSE 1
ED 1.310/2:266037 Mathematics, science, and technology education : a research agenda 1
ED 1.310/2:266054 Clear de road : a manual for teachers to accompany a Virgin Island's history textbook of the same name on Virgin Islands history for fourth grade 1
ED 1.310/2:266055 Clear de road : a Virgin Islands history textbook 1
ED 1.310/2:266066 Population analyses, change, and education : selected resources on population trends, planning and policy, and education 1
ED 1.310/2:266094 MTIP Satellite Network Conference proceedings 1
ED 1.310/2:266099 The development of teacher perspectives : final report 1
ED 1.310/2:266109 What knowledge is of most worth to teachers? : insights from studies of teacher thinking 1
ED 1.310/2:266111 From veteran parent to novice teacher : a case study of a student teacher 1
ED 1.310/2:266118 The teacher supply pipeline : the view from four states 1
ED 1.310/2:266126 Recent changes in teacher education programs 1
ED 1.310/2:266127 Beacon Hill Elementary staff involvement leads to improvements 1
ED 1.310/2:266134 Educational programs that work : a collection of proven exemplary educational programs and practices 1
ED 1.310/2:266137 Alternative certification for teachers 1
ED 1.310/2:266148 Evaluating administrative components of program implementation in the Adaptive Learning Environments Model 1
ED 1.310/2:266154 Evaluation productivity project : documenting evaluation use : guided evaluation decisionmaking 1
ED 1.310/2:266155 Social vs. clinical perspectives on the use of information : implications for school-based information systems 1
ED 1.310/2:266156 Final report : using state test data for national indicators of education quality : a feasibility study 1
ED 1.310/2:266158 Specificity of information in data-based decision making in schools 1