Call Number (LC) Title Results
ED 1.308:T 68/supp.add. NLS-72 postsecondary education transcript files : data user's manual for revised transcript, term, and course files 1
ED 1.308:W 89 U.S. Department of Education World Wide Web : server standards and guidelines : March 18, 1996 1
ED 1.308:W 89/2 Guide to working with model providers 1
ED 1.310: Developments in school finance fiscal proceedings from the Annual NCES State Data Conference 1
ED 1.310/2: Interchange
A Summary of research in science education
Notes from the National Testing Network in Writing
Summary report ... doctorate recipients from United States universities
Library statistics of colleges and universities. National summaries, state summaries, institutional tables
Library literacy program
Utah migrant education annual summer evaluation report
Trends in bachelors and higher degrees
Bibliography of research related to secondary education
Elementary and secondary school civil rights survey. National summaries
Higher education financing in the fifty states, interstate comparisons
Pell grants end-of-year report
Racial/ethnic data for ... fall enrollment and earned degree recipients for academic year .
News digest
Secondary/transition intervention effectiveness : ... annual report
Special education yearbook
Capital ideas : a publication of the Center for Policy Research
Compendium of project profiles
Computer-based education : the best of ERIC
Statewide financial statistics for public community and junior colleges
Key statistics for public elementary and secondary education
Annual report on LSCA priorities
Education for employment : a guide to postsecondary vocational education for students with disabilities
Annual meeting of the State Directors of Correctional Education
ERIC directory of education-related information centers
EDExpress application processing
Deaf-blind perspectives
NCLE notes
Cohort default rate guide
Mini-digest of education statistics
Preparing your child for college a resource book for parents
EDExpress packaging training
Catalog of ERIC clearinghouse publications
Schools subject to limitation, suspension, or termination action of all Title IV programs due to excessive FY ... cohort default rate
Schooltowork progress measures a report to the National School-to-work Office for the period .
Schools subject to the loss of eligibility to participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program and/or Direct Loan Program due to FY ..., FY ..., and FY ... cohort default rates of 25.0% or greater
Annual report to Congress
ERIC clearinghouse publications
The student guide financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education
FY ... annual plan
Residence and migration of first-time freshmen enrolled in higher education institutions
Schools subject to extension of loss of eligibility to participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program and/or Direct Loan Program due to FY ..., FY ..., and FY ... cohort default rates of 25.0% or greater
Cohort default rates for schools due to .
Advances in education research
Characteristics of the nation's postsecondary institutions
Library programs for the handicapped
Digest on youth in transition
Annual report
Abstracts of presented papers
Directory of organizations in educational management
Vocational education, Job Training Partnership Act coordination ... annual report
Library services for individuals with limited English proficiency
Trends and issues in library and information science
State higher education profiles
Project directors' annual meeting
Access to health care
Comparative financial statistics for public community and junior colleges
Annual report on LSCA special activities
Educational programs that work
Key statistics on public elementary and secondary education reported by state and geographic region
On the move--migrant education
Missouri vocational education annual performance report
Federal school code list
NW education
Public school student, staff, and graduate counts by state--school year .
Public elementary and secondary education statistics
Draft cohort default rate guide for FFEL Program and Direct Loan Program loans
Selected papers in school finance
ED 1.310/2:302/GUAM The State of mathematics achievement in Guam the trial state assessment at grade eight 1
ED 1.310/2:019106 Rule for school foundation units for gifted children 1
ED 1.310/2:25828 The growth of children's sight vocabulary : a quick test with educational and theoretical implications 1
ED 1.310/2:33702 The status of deaf women a comparative look at the labor force, educational and occupational attainments of deaf female secondary graduates : paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, Illinois, April, 1991 1
ED 1.310/2:218036 Hispanic students in American high schools : background characteristics and achievement 1
ED 1.310/2:221454 The educational system of Yugoslavia 1
ED 1.310/2:229608 Private rules in career decision making 1
ED 1.310/2:236832 Special education RRC program assistance products : catalog 1980-1983 1
ED 1.310/2:246823 Managing the partnership between higher education and industry 1
ED 1.310/2:246832 Student stress : effects and solutions 1
ED 1.310/2:247197 China : a book of activities 1
ED 1.310/2:249291 Effective schools are America's best bet : summary and proceedings of the 1983 AEL Regional Forum 1
ED 1.310/2:249739 An investigation of the implementation and effects of a full-time mainstreaming program in a large urban school system 1
ED 1.310/2:249773 Schooling and language minority students : a theoretical framework 1
ED 1.310/2:249793 Communicative competence approaches to language proficiency assessment : research and application 1