Call Number (LC) Title Results
E210 .W35 1997 In the midst of perpetual fetes : the making of American nationalism, 1776-1820 1
E210 .W4 1988 The American Revolution and the politics of liberty 1
E211 .B8 1961 Burke's Speech on conciliation with America 1
E211 .B97 1897 Speech on conciliation with America 1
E211 .B97 1964A Selected writings and speeches on America 1
E211 .B97 1975 Speech of Edmund Burke, esq., on moving his resolutions for conciliation with the colonies, March 22, 1775 1
E211 .D82 2017 Revolution against empire : taxes, politics, and the origins of American independence 1
E211 .G33 1955 The French and American Revolutions compared 1
E211 .G83 1976 Observations on the reconciliation of Great-Britain and the colonies 1
E211.P153 L54 2003 46 pages : Thomas Paine, Common sense, and the turning point to American independence 1
E215.1 .D53 1978 The navigation acts and the American Revolution 1
E215.2 .M57 1973x Prologue to revolution : sources and documents on the Stamp Act crisis, 1764-1766 1
E215.2 .M58 1963 The Stamp act crisis : prologue to revolution 1
E215.4 .B75 1973 A short narrative of the horrid massacre in Boston, perpetrated in the evening of the fifth day of March, 1770, by soldiers of the 29th Regiment, which with the 14th Regiment were then quartered there; with some observations on the state of things prior to that catastrophe 1
E215.4 .H66 2017 Boston's massacre 1
E215.4 .Y67 2010 The Boston Massacre : a history with documents 1
E215.4 .Z33 2020 The Boston Massacre : a family history 1
E215.4 .Z6 1996 The Boston massacre 1
E215.7 .L3 The Boston Tea Party 1
E221 .A46 The American testament : for the Institute for Philosophical Research and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies 1