Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS755 .F43 Rebellion in nineteenth-century China 1
DS755 .G368 2009 Historical dictionary of modern China (1800-1949) 1
DS755 .K77 Rebellion and its enemies in late imperial China, militarization and social structure, 1796-1864 1
DS755 .M63 The Modernization of China 1
DS755 .S28 1985 Modern China and its revolutionary process : recurrent challenges to the traditional order, 1850-1920 1
DS757.5 .C45 1970 Commissioner Lin and the Opium War 1
DS757.5 .F39 1976 The Opium War, 1840-1842 : barbarians in the Celestial Empire in the early part of the nineteenth century and the war by which they forced her gates ajar 1
DS757.5 .H5713 1976 China from the opium wars to the 1911 revolution 1
DS757.5 .P55 2018 Imperial twilight : the Opium war and the end of China's last golden age 1
DS757.55 .P65 1992 The inner Opium War 1
DS758.23.H85 S64 1996 God's Chinese son : the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan 1
DS759 .B6 1972 Christian influence upon the ideology of the Taiping Rebellion, 1851-1864 1
DS759 .C4148 The Taiping revolutionary movement 1
DS759 .H15 1964 Tsêng Kuo-fan and the Taiping Rebellion, with a short sketch of his later career 1
DS759 .M57 The Taiping Rebellion; history and documents 1
DS759 .M57 v.2 The Taiping Rebellion; history and documents 1
DS759 .M57 v.3 The Taiping Rebellion; history and documents 1
DS759 .S48 The Taiping ideology; its sources, interpretations, and influences 1
DS759 .T44 1972 Historiography of the Taiping Rebellion 1
DS759.35 .G56 1985 A journal of the Chinese Civil War, 1864 1