Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS748 .P3 1974 Courtier and commoner in ancient China; selections from the History of the former Han 1
DS748 .W37 1982 Han civilization 1
DS748 .Y8 Trade and expansion in Han China; a study in the structure of Sino-barbarian economic relations 1
DS748.13 .S43 2012 The search for immortality : tomb treasures of Han China 1
DS749.2 .W74 1978 The Sui dynasty 1
DS749.3 .F48 1968A The Empress Wu 1
DS749.3 .F5 Son of heaven; a biography of Li Shih-Min, founder of the Tʻang dynasty 1
DS749.3.W36 W42 Mirror to the Son of Heaven : Wei Cheng at the court of Tʻang Tʻai-tsung 1
DS750.64 .M67 1999 Imperial China, 900-1800 / F.W. Mote 1
DS750.72 .M86 1999 The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800 1
DS751 .D38 1996 Wind against the mountain : the crisis of politics and culture in thirteenth-century China 1
DS753 .C4825 1982 The glory and fall of the Ming dynasty 1
DS753 .F34 Early Ming government : the evolution of dual capitals 1
DS753 .F74 From Ming to Chʻing : conquest, region, and continuity in seventeenth-century China 1
DS753 .H79813 1587, a year of no significance : the Ming dynasty in decline 1
DS753 .H829 The Ming dynasty, its origins and evolving institutions 1
DS753 .H84 Two studies on Ming history 1
DS753 .M5 The origin of Manchu rule in China; frontier and bureaucracy as interacting forces in the Chinese Empire 1
DS753.5 .A84 1976 v.1 Dictionary of Ming biography, 1368-1644 1
DS753.5 .A84 1976 v.2 Dictionary of Ming biography, 1368-1644 1