Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS63 .K86 The origins of the cold war in the Near East : great power conflict and diplomacy in Iran, Turkey, and Greece 1
DS63 .L35 Communism and nationalism in the Middle East 1
DS63 .L36 1958 The Middle East in transition; studies in contemporary history 1
DS63 .L5 There goes the Middle East 1
DS63 .M23 1993 The crystallization of the Arab state system, 1945-1954 1
DS63 .M55 1976 The Middle East 1
DS63 .R65 1969 Arabs, oil, and history; the story of the Middle East 1
DS63 .R67 1990 Estranged bedfellows : Britain and France in the Middle East during the Second World War 1
DS63 .S75 1982 Supremacy and oil : Iraq, Turkey, and the Anglo-American world order, 1918-1930 1
DS63.1 .A35 1982 The Arab predicament : Arab political thought and practice since 1967 1
DS63.1 .B54 1994 Politics in the Middle East 1
DS63.1 .C37 1985 The blood of Abraham 1
DS63.1 .C62 1982 A Compassionate peace : a future for the Middle East : a report prepared for the American Friends Service Committee 1
DS63.1 .F54 1994 Inside the Arab world 1
DS63.1 .J79 1981 Beyond Camp David : emerging alignments and leaders in the Middle East 1
DS63.1 .K477 1978 Inter-Arab conflict contingencies and the gap between the Arab rich and poor : a report 1
DS63.1 .M24 1992 Passion and politics : the turbulent world of the Arabs 1
DS63.1 .M385 1982 Middle East foreign policy : issues and processes 1
DS63.1 .P66 Political elites in the Middle East 1
DS63.1 .P674 1991 Politics and government in the Middle East and North Africa 1