Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.2 v.2 Bengal--the British bridgehead : eastern India, 1740-1828 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.2 v.3 The Sikhs of the Punjab 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.2 v.4 The Marathas, 1600-1818 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.2 v.5 European commercial enterprise in pre-colonial India 1
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DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3 v.1 Socio-religious reform movements in British India 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3 v.3 The economy of modern India, 1860-1970 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3 v.4 Ideologies of the Raj 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3 v.5 Science, technology, and medicine in Colonial India 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3 v.6 The Indian princes and their states 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.3v.2 v.2 Peasant labour and colonial capital : rural Bengal since 1770 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.4 v.1 The politics of India since independence 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.4 v.2 Women in modern India 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.4 v.3 Caste, society and politics in India from the eighteenth century to the modern age 1
DS436 .N47 1987 pt.4 v.4 An agrarian history of South Asia 1
DS436 .N7 1987 pt.1 v.8 A social history of the Deccan, 1300-1761 : eight Indian lives 1
DS436 .R63 2002 A history of India 1
DS436 .S55 1958 The Oxford history of India 1
DS436 .S68 India, a modern history 1
DS436 .S69 1978 The Oxford history of modern India, 1740-1975 1
DS436 .W66 A new history of India 1